About the faculty

Эмблема экономического факультетаThe faculty of economics – is the largest faculty of the University.

The oldest faculty in the Republic of Belarus, which prepares highly qualified specialists of economic specialization.

The faculty of economics has a glorious history. The opening of the faculty of economics in the university was an important event not only for the lecturers, the staff and the students of the former pedagogical institute named after V.P. Chkalov, but also for all the citizens of Gomel, of the city on the bank of the river Sozh.

The history of the faculty began in 1969, when the speciality “Labour economics” was distinguished in the frame of mechanical-mathematical faculty. Since the day of its creation till nowadays the faculty has been developing very dynamically.

During its lifetime more than 7 thousands of highly skilled specialists of economic specialization have been graduated. Today they play an important role in the development of the Republic of Belarus region economy.

The distinctive features of study at the faculty of economics are:

    • classical economic education combines the fundamental and applied preparation, which permits the graduate student to work at any trade and effectively meet competition at the labour market;


    • inclusion into the educational curricula of the disciplines which meet the requirements of modern and competitive economy;


    • active adoption and use of contemporary educational methods;


    • wide use of computers, network and Internet-technologies in the educational process;


    • students involvement in active participation  in research work;


    • the faculty close collaboration in the scientific and educational field with the leading Institutions of Higher Education of France, Russia, Poland, China and also with the Belorussian representative enterprises abroad (the Czech Republic, Austria and Russian Federation);


    • a close contact with the basic enterprises in the course of undergoing of practical trainings, scientific research, and ensuring graduate students advancement;


  • the faculty occupies leading positions in Gomel Region in the field of preparation of students with higher education in the field of foreign-economic activity.

Today the faculty of economics is the largest faculty of the university, at which more than 1000 including about 40 foreign students are trained. The specialists are prepared at 6 specialities and 11 specializations of the first stage of the higher education, and at 4 specialities of the second stage of the higher education (magistracy). Those who wish to improve their skills can continue their study at the postgraduate course at the following specialities: 08.00.01 – economics, 08.00.05 – national economy management, 08.00.12 – accounting, statistics, 08.00.10 – finance, monetary circulation and credit.

At present time the future specialists of economic specialization are trained at four subdepartments of the faculty of economics, at which more than 60 highly skilled lecturers work. The majority of them have academic degrees and titles.

The classical scientific-pedagogical school of economics, methodology of economic science and history of economic studies created by professor Nauchitel M.V., established in the beginning of the 70-th had been developing successfully. Professor Sorvirov B.V. Doctor of economics, the head of subdepartment of economics and world economy, who was Nauchitel’s student, adopted his methods.  The successful functioning of the scientific school and the human resources potential permitted the active realization of research work, which contributes to the high quality training, and also to the use of the modern economic achievements in the process of study.

The results of the stuff and students research work are presented at the international theoretical and practical conferences, which are organized each year on the basis of the economical department. The scientists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany take part in the conference.

A great attention of the faculty is attended to students research work. The students take an active part in the realization of the state-financed topics, in international and republic conferences and competitions.

At present time the sphere of international collaboration is developing actively. A good example of such collaboration is the successful functioning since 1995 of the French-Belorussian institute. The academic curriculum of which, is formed according to the curricula of the specialities: “Economics and Enterprise Management” and “World Economics”. The students of the faculty have the privilege of entering the French-Belorussian Institute of management. More than 100 students study in the institute, undergo practical training in France, and get the International Diplomas.

Besides, the students of the faculty of economics have the possibility to undergo the practical training in the representative offices of Belorussian enterprises abroad (in Czech Republic, Austria, Russia).

The stuff and the students of the faculty of economics take an active part in the university and the native town social-cultural and sport live. The first year-students take prize-winning places in the university competition “Come-on the first year student!”, the advanced students take part in different amateur performances.

The faculty is proud of its sportsmen, who are the members of the faculty and the university teams in power lifting, basketball, table tennis and score a success in the city, region, republic and even world athletic arenas.

Contact information:

Adress: Republic of Belarus, 246019, Gomel, Sovetskaya str. 104.

Francisk Scorina Gomel State University

Tel.: +375 232 51-01-23, the 4th building of GSU, office 3-24.

e-mail: econfac@gsu.by

The dean of the faculty: Andrei Kostenko,

candidate of Economic sciences, associate professor